Juliet Gardiner. The Blitz: The British Under Attack. London: HarperPress, 2010. Another example of anniversary publishing, but I wouldn't have misgivings about buying a Juliet Gardiner book. Except... I worry that it will cover too much of the same ground as her Wartime.

Robin Higham and Frederick W. Kagan, eds. The Military History of the Soviet Union. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010 [2002]. The definite article seems oddly, well, definite. But the table of contents does look comprehensive: airminded contributions include 'The Soviet air force, 1917-1991' by Mark O'Neill and 'Soviet/Russian Strategic Nuclear Forces, 1945-2000' by Stephen J. Zaloga.

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  1. Any chance of a review of Blitz? I like Julia's stuff, but this came out so soon after the voluminous Thirties that I wonder if it's a cut-and-paste anniversary special.

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