Review policy

Airminded's book review policy.

For publishers: because of time constraints, I can only review more-or-less scholarly books on topics closely related to my research, ie relating to early 20th century Britain and strategic bombing in some way. In other words, books I would probably read anyway. I can be contacted here.

For readers: probably nobody worries about this but me -- that, with respect to unsolicited review copies sent by publishers, the possibility of getting more free books might lead me to be soft on the books I review. All I can say is that I obviously don't have much impulse control when it comes to buying books, so the prospect of saving a few dollars here and there is unlikely to sway me. The other issue is whether I, as an 'early career' researcher, would be willing to criticise the work of an established historian. All I can say to that is that I have done so before. But if I feel for whatever reason that I can't (or shouldn't!) be objective about a book, I won't review it.

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