The difficult second article

I've just had another article accepted, this time by the Journal of Contemporary History: 'The air panic of 1935: British press opinion between disarmament and rearmament' (the panic in question being over the creation of the Luftwaffe). It should appear in early 2011. And it was a difficult article, actually. I originally carved it out of two chapters of my thesis, with a 'theoretical' part and 1935 as a case study. But while the referees thought it had merit overall, they weren't convinced by the theory and thought the case study too weak. So I decided to ditch the theory, do some more research and focus on the 1935 air panic. I spent most of the summer rewriting it, and luckily it's paid off! Although I'm allowed to put a pre-peer review copy on the web, I've decided not to because it has very little in common with the final version. But I'm sure the world can wait to read it!

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7 thoughts on “The difficult second article

  1. Great stuff! It's funny how rarely the 'easy win' of extracting bleeding chunks and stitching up the edges actually comes off, isn't it?

    Can I say "I knew him before he was famous" yet?

  2. Well done. Another good piece i'm sure. Though I am still yet to read your thesis!

    Next stage is the book...then the film...then we can say we knew you before you were famous!

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