The trumpet calls

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The Trumpet Calls

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Image source: Wikipedia.

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6 thoughts on “The trumpet calls

  1. Erik Lund

    I mean, seriously. "Hey, everybody, there's lots of bullets flying around. Get up here and hug dirt like it was Jessica Alba!"
    "Oh. Me? No, I'm good."

  2. Post author

    Fair crack of the whip! This is Norman Lindsay you're talking about, an Australian icon! Admittedly, there are no naked women or talking puddings involved, so he may have been moving out of his comfort zone here.

  3. Frankly, when I saw his signature, I wondered it it was a work of the lesser known, presumably blind Norman Lindsay, as it's by far the worst quality effort I'm aware of from a normally solid (if sometimes ~hem hem~) draughtsman.

    And why are they recruiting from a circus team?

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