History is a pack of lies, as any fool can tell

Weddings Parties Anything, "A Tale They Won't Believe":

I have previously explained the relationship of this song to aviation history (well, it's pretty slender, to be honest), here.

Though the Weddoes split up a decade back, they're embarking on a reunion tour around Australia, which is very exciting news -- particularly since I'll be seeing them at the good old Corner Hotel in April! They're also playing, oddly enough, one show in London, on 25 April. They're sensational live, so why not mark Anzac Day in true Aussie style (i.e., rocking your socks off and, optionally, getting simultaneously smashed)? All the details are here.

Chonk on!

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    Well, to be honest I couldn't say exactly what it means, it's something Mick Thomas (WPA's front man) often says at the end of a gig. Probably something like 'rock on' or 'have fun' or 'enjoy alcohol in a responsible manner'.


    Oh, I had last minute qualms about perpetuating stereotypes of Australians ...

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