Claudia Baldoli, Andrew Knapp and Richard Overy, eds. Bombing, States and Peoples in Western Europe 1940-1945. London and New York: Continuum, 2011. The proceedings of the Exeter conference I attended a couple of years ago, which sought to expand our understanding of the civilian experience of aerial bombardment beyond Britain and Germany by comparison with France and Italy.

Daniel Hucker. Public Opinion and the End of Appeasement in Britain and France. Farnham and Burlingham: Ashgate, 2011. Another comparative work; this time attempt to grapple with the slippery concept of public opinion and its influence by considering its perception by elites in both countries. Looks promising so far; Hucker makes much of what he calls 'war anxiety', which I like.

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2 thoughts on “Acquisitions

  1. Brett, have you read Hucker's article 'Franco-British Relations and the Question of Conscription in Britain, 1938-1939. ', Contemporary European History, 17(4)? I'm curious about whether he expands in the book on his comments about conscription and British public opinion.

  2. Post author

    I'd say probably not. There are a large number of references to conscription in the index, but as the book takes a chronological approach they are scattered throughout, not concentrated as in the paper. Also, at the point where conscription is introduced, Hucker has a footnote referring the reader to the paper you cite for more detail, so he evidently doesn't think so either.

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