Post-blogging 1940: introduction

This post is part of a series post-blogging the Blitz of 1940-41 and the Baedeker Blitz of 1942. See here and here for introductions to the series, and here, here and here for conclusions.

Recently, Martin Waligorski contacted me to see if I'd like to collaborate with him in his post-blogging project, Battle of Britain - 70 Years. I had been thinking about doing some sort of post-blogging this year to mark the 70th anniversary of 1940, but probably not until later in the year, and for the Blitz rather than the Battle. But I would like to highlight Martin's efforts somehow, as well a number of other 1940 post-blogging (and post-tweeting) exercises going on, some of which have a broad overview, while others focus on the experience from one perspective. So what I've decided to do is put up a sticky post which will stay at the top of Airminded for the duration, with links to the various blogs and the most recent posts (I won't try do this for tweets as they come too often). I'll try to keep it as up-to-date as possible, and will put a cumulative list in the sidebar. The initial list is below -- if you know of any more, please let me know. Indeed, if you're interested in contributing yourself, either at Martin's site or your own, please do!

Battle of Britain Day by Day
Duxford Operations Blog - from the operations record books for RAF Duxford and 19 Squadron (Imperial War Museum Duxford)
Orwell Diaries - as in George Orwell
Spitfire Site
World War II Day-By-Day

@RAFDuxford1940 - Twitter version of the Operations Blog
@ukwarcabinet - the view from the Cabinet (The National Archives)
@BattleofBritain - apparently from the diary of a trainee RAF fighter pilot

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