Post-blogging 1940: re-introduction

This post is part of a series post-blogging the Blitz of 1940-41 and the Baedeker Blitz of 1942. See here and here for introductions to the series, and here, here and here for conclusions.

Tomorrow I'll start post-blogging 1940. My starting point will be 25 August 1940 (the day after the first bombs fell on central London, one of the starting points of the Blitz) and will take it through to some point in October. As usual, I'll be presenting the view from the press, using daily newspapers like The Times, the Manchester Guardian and the Daily Mail, and also a Sunday weekly, the Observer. I might also try complementing this with the view from home intelligence. Unlike my previous efforts I won't try to cover everything that was going on; the basic facts are well enough known anyway. Instead I'll take inspiration from Alan Allport's now-completed post-blogging of British demobilisation and try to give a flavour, an impression of what was happening, how people felt and reacted. Of course it may evolve as it goes along.

Don't forget to keep reading the other 1940 post-blogging efforts, as well as my 1940 aggregation blog.

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4 thoughts on “Post-blogging 1940: re-introduction

  1. I'll take inspiration from Alan Allport's now-completed post-blogging of British demobilisation

    ... or more accurately, almost-finished-except-for-the-bits-at-the-end-that-I-still-haven't-got-round-to-writing-up ...

    Best of luck (and congrats about the BBC History thing, BTW). It's a lot of work, though!

  2. Erik Lund

    Congrats on your article.
    And thank you for launching this latest postblog. The Munich experience was great, and this one is even closer to my heart.
    (Now if only someone would go to the effort of preparing a "this week in technology --1939" postblog, so that I could passively consume it!)

    That's a hint, Internet.

  3. Ha! Great to see that you're joining the collective effort. And daily updates, hmm!

    I think I have found my own BoB blogging flavour, but I'm currently struggling to catch up with the events, being roughly a week behind during this most intensive period of the Battle. An effect of vacation :)


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