Air Raid Precautions. Stroud: Tempus, 2007. Another one of those books where the publishers have obviously asked themselves, Who'd buy this book? and answered, Well, there's that Airminded bloke -- that's one copy at least. A collection of facsimile reprints of various Home Office/Lord Privy Seal's Office ARP booklets and leaflets: The Protection of Your Home Against Air Raids (1938); ARP Handbook No. 1, Personal Protection Against Gas (1938); Public Information Leaflets 1 through 4, Some Things You Should Know If War Should Come, Masking Your Windows, Evacuation Why and How? and Your Food in War-time (all 1939); Organization of the Air Raid Wardens' Service (1939?); and Inspection and Repair of Respirators and Oilskin Clothing (1940?).

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2 thoughts on “Acquisitions

  1. Dan

    Has it got the one about how to protect your pets? It's no use just looking after your own oilskin, you know - your dog needs one as well.

  2. Post author

    No, that one isn't in it, unfortunately! Starting to think seriously about what should be done about beloved pets when the next war came is probably as good a marker as any for the moment when the public started taking the air menace seriously ...

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