It’s official …

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... I'm a bad historian! No, well, actually, I have a post included in the latest Carnival of Bad History, which may or may not mean the same thing. Head on over to Hiram Hover's place and decide for yourself -- and while you're there, make sure you sample the other egregious ("Outstanding ... in one way or another", as Sir Humphrey Appleby once put it) examples on display.

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3 thoughts on “It’s official …

  1. There is a rule that magicians don't give away their secrets. Surely there should be something similar for bloggers? I'll need a new set of adjectives to describe intriguing and thought-provoking papers if you keep revealing sources of ambivalent descriptions. :)

  2. Brett Holman

    Post author

    Sorry Alun! You're right, something must be done about this problem immediately. May I humbly recommend that we set up an interblogmental committee with fairly broad terms of reference so that at the end of the day we would be in a position to think through all the implications and take a decision based on long-term considerations rather than rush prematurely into precipitate and possibly ill-conceived actions, that might well have severe and irrevocable repercussions?

  3. Graham Bell

    Thanks for the link to Carnival of Bad History; I've been searching for something like that!

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