Check out Rosebud's WWI and Early Aviation Image Archive for thousands of wonderful contemporary images of pre-1920 aircraft. Here are a couple, particularly relevant to my interests.


According to the caption, these are the Zeppelins "L 13, L 12, and L 10 on a bombing mission" - clearly taken from a fourth Zeppelin. If this was a raid on Britain, it would have to be that of the night of 9/10 August 1915, according to Cole and Cheeseman the only time when all three airships were on the same mission (and there were two other airships along on the same raid, L9 and L11). It would have to be near the start of the mission, as it's still light enough for the photo to be taken, and anyway the airships would have separated as they neared the English coast.

Gotha G.IV

Again according to the caption, a "Gotha G.IV of KG3 in flight over London". Whether true or not, it's how a Gotha would have looked to frightened Londoners in the summer of 1917 ... if it was flying particularly low, anyway! The original source for the photo is evidently here, also well worth a look.

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