Where am I?

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With Twitter X circling ever closer to the plughole, it's time to have a microblogging alternative. In fact, I already set one up at Mastodon back in November, and spent a bit of time making it comfortable. But the social media landscape has fragmented since then and everyone is fleeing in all directions. There's no longer any one place to go. And so, being as extremely online and extremely indecisive as I am (and also because my day job is in communications), I've settled on… pretty much all of them! So here's where you can find me, in descending order of likelihood:

I'm also on the following, but really just very barely:

Due to Twitter/X's API changes, my Trove bots now only run on Mastodon:

And my AI art accounts are also only on Mastodon and Bluesky now:

For the benefit of wanderers, I'll keep this post pinned on Airminded (which is older than Twitter, and now looks likely to outlast it, too).

See you out there... somewhere!

Image source: Midjourney.

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