The Aero Manual: A Manual of Mechanically-propelled Human Flight, Covering the History of the Work of Early Investigators, and of the Pioneer Work of the Last Century. Recent Successes, and the Reasons Therefor, are Dealt With, Together with Many Constructive Details Concerning Airships, Aeroplanes, Gliders, etc. London: Temple Press, 1910. 2nd edition. Well, the title seems to cover the contents pretty well, but I'll add that it is illustrated throughout, and the 'constructive details' include, for example, pilots' notes for Voisins, Shorts and Farmans, and there is an unsigned article on 'Human flight from the military point of view'. Compiled by the staff of The Motor in April or May 1910, judging from a list of flights with a duration of an hour or longer at the back. Actually a facsimile edition published in 1972, which retains the original pagination and advertisements (e.g. Handley Page Ltd - 'The House for all things pertaining to aviation', including wire strainers at 6s. per dozen).

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