Friday, 21 February 1913

This post is part of a series post-blogging the phantom airship scare of 1913. See here for an introduction to the series, and here for a conclusion.

Liverpool Echo, 22 February 1913, 4

The Liverpool Echo provides some additional information about the Scarborough airship reported yesterday (p. 4; above). It turns out that it was actually seen 'either once or twice in the early part of the present month' [February 1913], so why it has only come to light now is unclear. According to the Echo, Miss Hollings

reports that while in Stepney-road, some time after nightfall, she heard a noise of machinery in the air in the direction of the racecourse ahead. Looking up she saw what first appeared to be a bright star. A few minutes later from near this light there streamed down a steady, conical stream of white light, playing hither and thither over the racecourse. It continued for several minutes off and on, and then disappeared.

The other witness named in the previous report is not mentioned.

Frank Goddard, of Church Farm, Charlton Musgrove, Somerset, has written in to the Daily Express to report another mystery airship (p. 6):

"This morning [18 February 1913], at about five o'clock, I and two of my men saw an airship appear in the east and sail away to the north-west as if making for the coast.

"It was lighted up and went very fast when going out of sight, but at one time it seemed quite stationary.

"May this not be the same mysterious aircraft that has been seen on several occasions before?"

Both these reports are circumspect with respect to the question of origins, not leading the reader to one conclusion or another.

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