Basil Mathews. We Fight for the Future: The British Commonwealth and the World of To-morrow. London: Collins, 1940. Found this in a secondhand bookshop for $3. Even at that price I was a bit unsure about buying it -- there seems to be some talk in it about setting up an international federal system after the war, but nothing quite in my line. But I had to get it when I saw on the first page that Mathews ascribes Hitler's success (he's writing in August 1940, or at least the preface was written then), in part, to his 'spreading wild confusion through mass air-bombing of terrorised refugees' -- yep -- 'and taxi-ing his planes over their writhing bodies' -- wait ... what? That's a use for the bomber I haven't heard of before! I suppose it must have been some story or rumour which came out of one the German invasions, but that's about all I can say.

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