To-day and To-morrow

The 'To-day and To-morrow' series of pamphlets was published in London by Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co, and in New York by E. P. Dutton, between 1924 and 1931. See here for a discussion.

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  • Ethnos, or the Problem of Race by Arthur Keith
  • Aphrodite, or the Future of Sexual Relationships by Ralph de Pomerai
  • Chiron, or the Education of a Citizen of the World by M. Chaning Pearce
  • Solon, or the Price of Justice by C. P. Harvey

Apparently published in New York only, both in 1926:

Advertised, but apparently never published:

  • The Future of India by T. Earle Welby
  • Mercurius, or the World on Wings by C. Thompson Walker
  • The Future of our Magnates by Sir William Beach-Thomas
  • The Future of Sex by Rebecca West
  • The Evocation of Genius by Alan Porter
  • Aesculapius, or Disease and the Man by F. G. Crookshank

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