Things to see in London, late September 2009

A mix of things I missed and things which weren't there last time:

What else should be on my list?

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16 thoughts on “Things to see in London, late September 2009

  1. ErrolC

    If it wasn't there last time, Kiwi War Memorial, opposite the Aussie one.
    Depending on how you are getting to IWM Duxford, the big USAAF cemetery in the area.

  2. Nicholas Waller

    I second IWM Duxford, for obvious reasons. Also The Belfast, which I went to last autumn and thought was very well done, but accordingly took quite a bit of time. (But then I haven't been into any other similar ships to compare).

    Have you been to the Royal Observatory at Greenwich? Well worth a look - great landscape, Greenwich meridian and it has "John Harrison's prize-winning longitude marine chronometer, H4, and its three predecessors", plus it overlooks the National Maritime Museum across the grass. Borderline air interest, too.

    You can take a fast Thames Clipper from the Embankment or London Eye to a convenient dock, passing close by the Belfast on the way, and under Tower Bridge.

    I've never been to the Tower of London, despite living in or close by London for 18 years, and even sharing a flat for a few months early on with someone who worked there (in the gift shop, I think).

  3. Nicholas Waller

    The forward guns on the Belfast, by the way, are targeted on Scratchwood Motorway Services Station on the M1.

  4. pureweevil

    Top recommendations (if you haven't done these already):
    The memorial plaque (commemorating the 1943 disaster) at Bethnal Green tube station. Flowers are still tied to the railings and there's a local campaign for a proper memorial.

    RAF St Clement Danes Church (complete with bomb damage and controversial Harris statue.)

    The atmospheric Dennis Severs House Museum. Small but definitely worth the entry fee.

    London Transport Museum in Covent Garden: good exhibit on the history of the Tube.

    The National Army Museum: there's an English Civil War theme weekend on 5-6th Sept.

    Excellent grisly medical exhibits at the Hunterian Museum.

    Various guided walks at

  5. JDK

    Good list.

    I'd recommend the Battle of Britain Monument on the Thames - it went up in 2005, and you may have seen it, but worth a revisit anyhow.

    And it's near the memorial to Sir Joseph Bazalgette - saving London from its own efflient.

    Thumbs up on the Globe, a must-do for us in London.

    You have managed to drop between the last show dates at Old Warden and Duxford, but we might be able to hook you up with some people to get some insights beyond the average - let's discuss over coffee! Certainly you need to see the Shuttleworth Collection and the Airship Sheds at Cardington even on a non-show day.

    Maddingley is the American cemetery mentioned earlier. In the odd claims to fame dept, I managed to pick up the only live American there once.

    Did you get to the Soane Collection? Like the Pitt Rivers museum in Oxford, it's a museum of a museum and both are real period pieces.

    A pilgrimage to the National Aeronautics Collection in the top of the Science Museum is worthwhile, IMHO, more historic original or rare aircraft as a percentage than anywhere outside the Smithsonian...

    Just a few thoughts...

  6. Jakob

    I was wondering whether a trip to the 11 Group sector room at Uxbridge might be possible, but I don't know whether they're still open to the public; I haven't been able to get any response to my emails.

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