To-do list, 18 February 2009

  1. Submit PhD thesis. done

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20 thoughts on “To-do list, 18 February 2009

  1. JDK

    Good man.

    I hope Brett won't mind me mentioning it, but I've (been privileged to have) read the rough cut. In my unqualified opinion, it is very good, well put together and he deserves a funny outfit if you ask me.

    Sadly, though, it won't fit on a t-shirt. Nor did the butler do it.

    There were many things in it I didn't know, and and several moments of 'deja-blog' where I seem to recall a tangential discussion relating to...

    @Chris - Oh, yes... Same with any book I've written/edited/spattered food over.

    Aaaanndd reellaxxxx......

  2. Fantastic! Well done. Now you just have to wait for the examiners to give you some really pedantic corrections mostly involving commas and apostrophes...

  3. Nabakov

    So mission accomplished old boy?

    Cheers. Have a pinkers on me.

    Thinking of expanding the thesis into a book? I'd buy a copy.

  4. Post author

    Thanks for all your well-wishes! I'm touched. I'm afraid I can't put any of it online yet, not until the examiners have finished with it. But as a teaser I've put up some word clouds instead :) It will be all be available online at some point, and I'd very much like to turn it into a book at some other point ...

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