I, twit

Twitter is the most jumped-upon bandwagon on the net right now. And so I've jumped on too. You can follow me there or by way of the sidebar.

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3 thoughts on “I, twit

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  2. Catherine Purvis nee Platt

    Elizabeth Mulqueeney & Edward Platt travelled to Geraldton WA in 1911 when they got married one of Edward's brothers was already there, I don't know if it was to goldmine, Gordon Francis my father & Rita were born there before the family returned to Tumut where some of the other children were born .The family were related to the Twomey family as far as I know.
    Do you know any more details of Joan Shelton nee Mulqueeney, I have had some contact with cousins in the Mulqueeney family who live here in Sydney. Catherine Purvis

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