The time is a quarter to DOOMSDAY

Big Ben

Please adjust your watches accordingly.

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5 thoughts on “The time is a quarter to DOOMSDAY

  1. Post author

    I was surprised that it came out so dark and gloomy, though I'm not sure why I was since the Sun was in frame! But I liked the effect so I didn't bother trying to fix it.

  2. Jakob

    I assume you overloaded the sensor pointing it in the direction of the sun, and it darkened everything else to compensate... I always get this effect when trying to take pictures of planes in flight, ending up with a fetching 'aircraft recognition silhouette' effect...

  3. Post author

    LOL! Well, aircraft silhouettes can have their charm too, I suppose: and you could use them for a game of Spotto! Yes, it's just a basic digital camera with an automatic exposure, so it's calibrating off the Sun. I actually like the effect, particularly for sombre things like war memorials, but it wasn't intentional here!

  4. The trick with these cameras in backlit situations is to get the focus/exposure to set on something like the foreground (most digital cameras have a "half-push focus hold" thing where you can pre-focus/set and then take a very quick picture when you fully depress the button). The background can come out overexposed sometimes, but the foreground is much sharper.

    Still, like you said, the dramatic effect is very nice, too.

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