After Guernica

The world is a bad place right now, and a lot of that has to do with bombing civilians. And it's impossible for me to look at the news from Gaza, or from Ukraine, and not think of my own current book project on the bombing of British civilians in the First World War. But I don't know whether what's happening now makes my history more necessary, or more inadequate. It hardly seems comparable. I just don't know how to think about it.

So instead, I made some AI art.

A street in a bombed city. A giant bull with a human mouth bellows in pain as a crowd ignores it

A street in a bombed city. A giant bull with a human face roars in pain as a crowd of people try to help it

A street in a bombed city. A horse trapped in rubble screams in terror. A crowd of people watches

A street in a bombed city. A creature like a huge preying mantis is embedded in the ruins of a building

A street in a bombed city. A giant bull peers around a corner at a passive crowd of people below it

It's a long way from 2009/1937, let alone 1915.

Image source: Midjourney.

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2 thoughts on “After Guernica

  1. Shrike58

    I had a cognitive moment like that earlier in the week. I'm currently reading Yefim Gordon's book on the Tu-22M and, while contemplating the cover (an aerial glamor shot of an example of the machine hauling cruise missiles), it took on the aura of dread those early WWII-pictures of Ju-87 Stukas have.

  2. Post author

    The glamour can make it easy to forget the ultimate purpose of so many of these machines, but remembering can happen very quickly, too.

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