Alan Allport. Demobbed: Coming Home After the Second World War. New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 2009. The book of the dissertation, on which the blog of the book of the dissertation is based!

Gordon Pirie. Air Empire: British Imperial Civil Aviation, 1919-39. Manchester and New York: Manchester University Press, 2009. A book which has been a long time coming: about fifty years, in fact, the length of time since the last scholarly monograph devoted to this topic (Higham's Britain's Imperial Air Routes 1918-1939). Looks like it was worth the wait. Note: review copy (not for Airminded).

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9 thoughts on “Acquisitions

  1. The book of the dissertation, on which the blog of the book of the dissertation is based!

    Don't forget to mention the multi-platform video game, the line of T-shirts, and of course the Action Man accessories (every ten-year-old boy will want the 'Depressed Ex-Commando, Now a Postman' outfit for Christmas).

  2. Very good. I'll have the "ex-Great War and W.W.II ace pilot and team now Sergeant Air Police and team". With optional "ex-Nazis now international criminals" expansion pack.

    More seriously, great stuff Alan. Do you expect to buy a crate of something reasonable or a cup of tea from the royalties?

  3. Neil Datson

    Congratulations Alan.

    I note that the reviewers on Amazon have a lot of good to say about it, notably that it is 'refreshingly short!'

    Anyhow, I'm ordering my copy. (I already have a full range of 'too depressed to remember what I ever was once' T-shirts.)

  4. Post author

    You may laugh, but we all know that the real money in movies comes from merchandising. Maybe the same can be true of academic publishing? We won't know until we try.

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