History Carnival 77

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It's just short of three years since I last hosted a History Carnival, so it's about time I did another. And here it is! Herein you will find such diverse topics as:
The Maltese dragon of 1608.
Anti-vaccinators of the 18th and 19th centuries.
The lives of disabled British children around the turn of the 20th century.
An innovation in plumbing from 1963 which never caught on.

Firstly, though, can you help these history bloggers?
Can you add any 19th century female utilitarians to this list?
Do you know any examples of medieval stained glass windows in film?
What Great War gesture is that?
When did violence in war become 'kinetic'?

Technology. We all use it, but maybe we could be using it more?
Why you should use Flickr.
Why you should not be scared of using Wikipedia.
Mashing up Google Maps and the British Library's sound recordings.
A heartwarming story of digital collaboration between archives in five countries.
An equally heartwarming story of digital aggregation within one country.
Medievalists and the early internet: a reminiscence.

Ideas. We all have them ... no, I'm not going to keep doing this!
How to get from Vietnam to Dungeons & Dragons.
When dinosaurs roamed the Earth alongside humans.
A freethinking biology textbook from the 1970s.
Interwar eastern Europe and speed.

Historians tend to like books. But not all books.
Not-Harry Potter and the Anachronistic Samurai.
To what extent should we assume that novelists respond to the great issues of their times?
Dracula by Bram Stoker: a review from 1897.
James Mill's history of India.

Last time I did this, I couldn't find any Australian content. That's not a problem now.
Manners in the colonies.
White Australia and the Yellow Peril.
Those bawdy Cockatoo Island girls.

Errol Morris gets a section all to himself.

Politics and history always seem to end up colliding. Why can't they just learn to get along?
Contesting the Great Patriotic War.
Black confederates 1.
Black confederates 2.
In the name of god, go! Or not.
The Italian left is really, really complex.

We haven't had a Military History Carnival for a while. Consider this section an interim update.

The following may not be safe for work!
Early modern print culture.
Great War poetry.
Prehistoric sculpture.

Some selections from my new favourite new blog of the moment.
Zeppelin- and Springsteen-watching compared.
The strife of love in a dream, or Hypnerotomachia Poliphili.
Dehumanisation over Auschwitz.

That's it for this edition of the History Carnival. The next one will be available on or around 1 July at The Order of Civil War Obsessively Compulsed.

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12 thoughts on “History Carnival 77

  1. Alun

    I'm clearly still out of the blogging groove. I'd completely forgotten about the History Carnival. It looks like there's plenty of good stuff to read. Thanks for listing me.

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  3. Excellent work! I noticed there were more than a few American Civil War related entries as well. I look forward to hosting the next History Carnival in July. It'll be my first as a host, but hopefully not my last.

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