A military history carnival?

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At Investigations of a Dog, Gavin Robinson has proposed organising a military history carnival, which I think is a great idea. It would aim to gather together the best posts on the history of war in all its facets -- not just military operations (AKA "fighting"), but also how war intersects with social, cultural, political, gender, economic, diplomatic, local, public ... (you get the idea) ... histories. Representations, memories and forecasts of war are perfectly legitimate subjects too. Similarly, hosts and participants need not be specialists in military history: war affects us all, in one way or another.

Various issues under discussion include how frequently it should be held, whether to exclude recent-ish events, and most importantly, what to call it! So, please head on over and have your say.

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3 thoughts on “A military history carnival?

  1. Nabakov

    Brett, I've just been shooting my mouth over at Investigations of a Dog about why I think this is a good idea.

    And I've long podulated over a 1000 word or so elegaic, slightly stream of conscious yet well researched piece about the etymology and ontology of British warplane names from WWI to WW2. Like why so many many of their bombers were named after distingushed counties, Hawker's focus on meteorological disturbances and how Shakespeare, Empire cities and provinces, Northern seabirds and Greek mythology were all drawn upon to source aircraft names.
    Think Jan Morris meets Cecil Lewis but much shorter, sharper and less talented.

    If I submitted such a piece to you in the next week or so, would you consider putting it up here so it's eligible for consideration in the MilHis Carnival?

  2. Everything is ready to go now. The first Military History Carnival will be held at Investigations of a Dog on Thursday 12th April. It will then take place around the middle of every month - exact date to be decided by the host. Submit posts for the first one by e-mailing the permalink to mhc1@4-lom.com or using the submission form at Blog Carnival. Posts should be more recent than 1st March 2007 to be considered. They can be on any aspect of military history in any part of the world in any period from ancient history up to the end of the 20th century.

    Anyone who would like to host a future carnival, please e-mail me to let me know which month you'd prefer to do. I already have a host for May, but anything after that is open.

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