A Military History Carnival!

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Last month, I mentioned Gavin Robinson's proposal for a military history carnival. He's now dropped a note in comments with details of the first Military History Carnival:

Everything is ready to go now. The first Military History Carnival will be held at Investigations of a Dog on Thursday 12th April. It will then take place around the middle of every month - exact date to be decided by the host. Submit posts for the first one by e-mailing the permalink to mhc1@4-lom.com or using the submission form at Blog Carnival. Posts should be more recent than 1st March 2007 to be considered. They can be on any aspect of military history in any part of the world in any period from ancient history up to the end of the 20th century.

Anyone who would like to host a future carnival, please e-mail me to let me know which month you’d prefer to do. I already have a host for May, but anything after that is open.

Cry havoc, etc.

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