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As my mind has been on other matters of late, I've been a bit remiss in attending to matters historioblogospheric. So here are some of the things I've not noted:

  • The Military History Carnival has a new home at Battlefield Biker. I think Gavin Robinson deserves many thanks and much praise for starting up the carnival and running it through its first nineteen incarnations!
  • Here's something for all the Vulcanophiles out there, written by Nabakov, a sometime commenter here.
  • Some newish (or newish to me) history blogs which I've been reading for a while and am adding to the blog list: Luke McKernan's The Bioscope, on early and silent cinema; Times Archive Blog, drawing on the awesome resources of the Thunderer; Tim Kendall's War Poetry, and not just from the First World War either.
  • See also: The Whirlwind, a blog set up by Dan Todman for his QMUL course on Bomber Command, and The Road from 1945, set up by Dan and Jack McGowan as a resource for another course on postwar British history. The latter, especially, is chock-full of video primary source goodness, and The Whirlwind also has some interesting reflections by Dan on how the course is going.

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3 thoughts on “Historioblogosphere omnibus

  1. Many thanks for the hat-tip, Brett.

    I’ve actually turned into a proud IT-geek over this whole audio-visual sources business. But I do feel increasingly strongly that, in my areas, there is such a wealth of primary material now available that we must harness it. It’s simply a case of learning how to collate it in one place. That is very time-consuming (but addictive and good fun) – and I am getting faster.

    Btw, I added the ‘Homecoming Scotland’ post through the heavily-gritted teeth of the ‘Scottish cultural cringe’. I had to resist the temptation to ask ‘would this make you come “home”, or would it make you more likely to leave?’

    I was also tempted to add this brilliant parody:

    Congratulations on submitting The Thud.

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