One I forgot to write

XVIII Military History Carnival is up at Chronologi Cogitationes. This month I'm picking a post from a new blog, Wacht Am Tyne, on the centenary of the first flight (powered, controlled, heavier-than-air) in Britain, which was achieved by Samuel Franklin Cody on 16 October 1908. (I had a photo of British Army Aeroplane No. 1a in an earlier post.) Three reasons: firstly, because I was going to write about this myself but completely forgot; secondly, because it's an interesting post even though (or because) it's not at all the one I would have written; thirdly because, according to the blog's About page, it's intended for:

anyone who enjoys reading about military history, has ever gone to the IWM on their own, or has ever re-enacted the Battle of Waterloo using condiment packets and empty glasses at their local

Check (obviously), check, and check ... well, actually I can't remember doing Waterloo -- Cannae was always my favourite, and more recently Trafalgar, but I think that's close enough for me to be in the target demographic!

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  1. Nikki

    Thanks for your feedback on the article. I had recently found this site on someone's Links list but haven't yet had the time for a proper rummage through the archive - I like what I've read so far, and hopefully I'll be able to read more at a later date. Your recent Sudeten Crisis posts have been informative, as I know little about the event beyond the generalised A-Level stuff and what was covered in Shirer's "Rise and Fall of the Third Reich".

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