Returning on a jet plane

From Hampton Court Palace

Actually, that should read "ReturnED on a jet plane" as I'm finally back in good old Melbourne-town again, but I find it hard to resist symmetry. (Anyway, I started to write this post at Heathrow waiting for my Qantas flight home, but my laptop crashed twice so I decided that it wasn't meant to be and just switched it off.) Eventually I'll be returning to a more normal (life and blogging) schedule, but for now here's yet another in my series of blurry photos of flying aircraft, which I took from the bank of the Thames, just outside Hampton Court Palace, on the summer bank holiday a few weeks ago. One thing the London sky is not short of is jets!

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5 thoughts on “Returning on a jet plane

  1. Chris Williams

    Glad to hear that you've returned safe from the podes. I trust that our continent met with your satisfaction.

  2. Post author

    You call that a continent? This is a continent ...

    Sorry, I couldn't resist that :) Thank you, and yes it's a very fine place indeed. I hope to return one day when my bank balance has recovered!

  3. Hah! I was at a work dinner a few months ago and a colleague's wife, suitably eloquent o/a a few vins, bent my ear about chemtrails! What fun.

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