Leaving on a jet plane


For the first time in nearly two years, the number of books I have out from the uni library has dropped to zero. Which can mean only one thing: I'm about to fly out to the UK! There will be a blogging hiatus but it's not likely to be more than a few days, if that.


Image source: some page in Japanese.

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11 thoughts on “Leaving on a jet plane

  1. Jakob

    Have a good journey!

    So when do you get in, and when and where can yr. esteemed correspondents offer to buy you a pint?

  2. Chris Williams

    TSR-2 - closest escape that the UK military-industrial complex ever had.

    As for the pint, me 'n all.

  3. Post author

    I'm certainly up for it this week, it would be great to meet my esteemed correspondents (and lurkers if they want to de-lurk). I'll be free most nights, since I know nobody in town! Obviously I have no idea where to go, I'm in Bloomsbury but (I believe) I can read a Tube map so can get to wherever, within reason. I'll sort out a mobile today which will make meeting up easier, so stay tuned.

  4. Post author

    I've got a mobile sorted now, and an oyster card, so in theory can venture out on the town. But I still haven't adjusted to the time zone yet, still crashing in the early evening, which is limiting. Have to force myself to stay up tonight, maybe go see a movie or something.

  5. paulie b

    just surfing the web and found this site. I thought I read somewhere that the TSR-2 was a ground breaking plane. It was canned by Wilson and Healy in a futile attempt to prop up sterling. The F111 was the replacement which they never ended up buying after further cuts in 1968 and they ended up in Australia. Unfortunatley as I read a lot I cant remember where I read about the TSR 2 being a good plane but I'll have a look thru my books.

  6. Post author

    Thanks, Paulie, I know there are those who are still bitter about the cancellation of the TSR.2, but I didn't want to get into that particular dogfight -- I just thought it was a cool pic :)

    About the F-111s, it's true that the RAF was supposed to get them but I don't think there was any connection between the cancellation of that purchase and the RAAF's F-111 acquisition?

  7. paulie b

    Not sure abt Brett. I thought the F111 was a special edition plane and the US only was willing to provide it its most trusted allies. I know the RAAF always empahasised it was the only non US country to have the F111. I will try and find out anyway.

  8. paulie b

    Brett you are right. The Aust decision was made in 1963 as the link below shows. So there doesnt appear to be a connection. Also some nice TSR 2 photos taken of a plane in 1998 are on this site. Didnt know they preserved any. Very comprehensive info in this link.


  9. Post author


    I like the picture with the TSR.2 and the F-111 side by side, shows how big the TSR.2 was!


    Definitely, did you get my email last week?

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