I seem to have started something …

For a long, long time, there was only Zeppelin vs. Pterodactyls: the poster. Then there was ZvP: the movie mashup, followed by ZvP: the cartoon mashup. And now there's ZvP: the webcomic, along with ZvP: the t-shirt!

I obviously wasn't responsible for creating any of this. I wasn't even the first to blog about ZvP. But through the stochastic wonders of the blogosphere, my post about it was picked up by blogs more popular than my own, which then spread the word to a much larger audience, with the results that you see above. So I do feel as though I can claim a very modest share of the credit for this ZvP revival!

And I may just have to buy the t-shirt ...

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3 thoughts on “I seem to have started something …

  1. John Christopher Sowerby

    iZeppelin vs Pteradactyls !!! This film has got to be made !!! It just must has to be... The poster is just WOW !!! a work of movie poster art that sets off the imagination on sight !!! I'm glad to know that it wasn't made by Hammer otherwise it would have been as cheap and cheesy as both of The Land That Time Forgot movies, it deserves a lot more time and effort and money putting into it. Yesterday while on You-tube searching for old movie matinee serial called The Drums Of Fu Man Chu, I jumped for joy when I came across Zepplins vs Pteradactyls !!! WOW it was an old Rebublic type movie serial I thought to myself, I fell for it hook line and sinker, after watching what I thought was Chapter One I went looking for Chapter Two and soon discovered... ( well find out for yourself ) I did enjoy it though.

  2. Post author


    Land/People That Time Forgot were actually produced by Amicus, but same difference -- but anyway, the cheesiness is half the fun!

    I never did buy the t-shirt :(

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