The Yellow

Le Jaune airship, 1903

Paris, 20 November 1903: the ghostly form of an airship floats past an equally ghostly Eiffel Tower, before a very solid crowd of completely entranced spectators. It is Le Jaune, 'The Yellow', the first of the successful Lebaudy series of French semi-rigid airships.

The source of this photograph is a postcard sent to me by JDK (cheers!) I couldn't find a copy online so decided to post it here. There is, however, a very similar photograph on the Air & Space Magazine site which must have been taken just moments before and from almost exactly the same angle. It's also much clearer if you like that sort of thing.

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4 thoughts on “The Yellow

  1. Glad you liked it, Brett! The postcard was (IIRC) bought in Germany at the Deutsches Museum, Munich, but only posted years later from rural Victoria to Melbourne... IIRC it had a French archive credit?

  2. Post author

    Not that I can see... the info mostly seems to relate to the postcard manufacturer. It does correctly identify the airship, year and location though.

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