I blame society

I blame society for our collective failure to suggest enough posts for Military History Carnival #26.

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6 thoughts on “I blame society

  1. silbey

    It's been difficult to keep the Carnival going, both hosts and submissions. Odd, as I would think that military history would be easy, given its popularity.

  2. I'm afraid that I've come to demand far too much passive entertainment from the Internet. Blogging fascinates me, and I can watch it for hours.
    And make helpful comments.....

    My grandfather used to tell us that he lost his front teeth watching some navvies pound railway spikes. He leaned in close, the hammer came back over the man's shoulder...
    I wonder if some bloggers wish they had sledgehammers.

  3. I did offer to host it on my group blog but recieved no reply.

    It is a shame and as you say David a suprise given the subjects popularity. I have to admit to a lack of blogging recently as other things have gotten in the way.

  4. Post author


    YES. Exactly, thank you.

    silbey and Battlefield Biker:

    Thanks for your efforts -- I did intend to send in some submissions but forgot, sorry! I wonder if there's a way to bring the vast US Civil War blogging community in more; they seem to be semi-detached from the other military history blogs.

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