33 thoughts on “Trust me, I’m a PhD

  1. JDK

    Cool, but I want to see a funny hat!

    Its not proper until we've seen evidence of raiding the dress up box...

    Seriously though, the next caffeinated beverage is on me. Maybe something stronger if we can arrange it. ;)

  2. Urban Garlic

    Fancy, as the kids hereabouts say. This is one of those nice markers of accomplishment, something that can't be taken away.

  3. Post author

    Thank you! Everyone.

    Now, has anyone told you yet that you’re not (of course) a proper doctor?

    The way I put it, I'm not the sort of doctor you want to step forward when the question 'Is anyone here a doctor?' is asked ...

  4. Tragically for my ego, on all the flights I have taken over the years not once has an attendant said over the tannoy: is there a historian on this plane?

  5. Ted Samsel

    In some waggish circles in the states, a PhD is a "post hole digger".

    Good going, none the less.

  6. Ian Evans

    There are vans running round Aberdeen with "PhD" on the sides, in large letters. My wife, who is also "not-a-proper-doctor", was less than gruntled to find it signified "Pizza home Delivery". Observing the use of upper and lower case letters, I'd say that someone is having a go at the academic world.

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