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  1. Chris Williams

    Congratulations. Have you tried the thud test?
    1) hold copy of thesis flat at arms' length.
    2) drop onto unobstructed area of floor.
    3) revel in thud.

  2. Delighted to hear that you are at the tree-destroying stage, Brett. I still have some way to go, but I hope to make a resounding thud at some point during 2009.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Well done Brett! It certainly is a good feeling to get it out of the way. I remember when I printed a draft of my thesis and went looking for an envelope so I could send it to my supervisor. Then I realised it was too big for an envelope so I had to put it in a box.

  4. Post author

    Thanks, Gavin, but now I've got thesis envy, since I can fit mine into an envelope! That's double-sided though, I don't think I could single-sided ...

  5. Chris Williams

    Double-sided? Double-sided? Don't think of the environment - think of the thud, man, think of the thud.

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