Howard Hawks at Melbourne Cinémathèque

The Dawn Patrol

This post will only be of interest to Melbourne readers. Melbourne Cinémathèque is holding a season of 1930s Howard Hawks films this month, including three of his aviation classics: Only Angels Have Wings, Ceiling Zero (both on Wednesday, 3 December) and The Dawn Patrol (Wednesday, 17 December). They're showing at ACMI. I don't think I've seen any of them so I'll probably be there! Thanks to Cathy for the tip.

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3 thoughts on “Howard Hawks at Melbourne Cinémathèque

  1. Jakob

    Wow, the ACMI looks rather impressive. Though it is a telling (if not entirely inappropriate) sign of geekiness that my first thought on seeing that acronym was that WWI's a little early for Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation...

  2. JDK

    I'll be there. You can identify me by the pencil thin moustache and the air of insouciance. I hope.

    'Calling Barranca, Calling Barranca'.

  3. Post author


    ACMI is at Federation Square which is a pretty impressive area -- for some reason it's hard to find good photos online but there are some on this page. It always makes me think of some giant WWI tank or battleship in dazzle camouflage :)


    Sorry I didn't see you there!

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