Is nothing sacred?

The 13th Military History Carnival is up at The Cannon's Mouth. I was dismayed to read I, Clausewitz's post explaining why female breastplates don't need breast-bulges. I suppose next we'll be told that chainmail bikinis would provide next to nothing in terms of protection in battle.

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3 thoughts on “Is nothing sacred?

  1. LOL at the ad which says chainmail bikinis are "street legal". Not in Glasgow, methinks. But Chainmail Bikini would be an absolutely fantastic name for a blog. Or a band - playing feminist-inspired nu-metal covers of John Dowland and William Byrd, perhaps? :)

  2. Post author


    Well, that's your choice ... but don't say you weren't warned, the next time you're toe to toe with 14th century heavy infantry ...


    Glasgow might be a bit cold for chainmail bikinis too, I would have thought!

    Definitely very metal. Also, there's a webcomic called Chainmail Bikini ... though it's probably only funny if you are, or were, a hardcore roleplayer.

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