War Starts at Midnight!

Veteran history blogger Alan Allport (Horizon and Cliopatria) has an interesting new blog: War Starts at Midnight! I can't find anything defining the blog's scope, but so far the posts are a mixture of links to images, reviews and news relating to the World Wars, centering on the Second World War and Britain. Which is not surprising given Alan's PhD is on British demobilisation after the Second World War. Good stuff -- added to the sidebar.

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4 thoughts on “War Starts at Midnight!

  1. Alan Allport

    Still a work-in-progress - hence the lack of any intro and the low profile. Still, since you've let the cat out of the bag I'm grateful for the link ... more to come.

  2. Brett Holman

    Post author

    Sorry for revealing your secret to the world sooner than you planned! Anyway, looks like you're off to a running start.

  3. Alan Allport

    Thanks. BTW, did you know that the whole of Target for Tonight is available for free viewing online? If not, check out the link on my (much-work-to-be-done-on) list of wartime British cinema.

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