Doing the LibraryThing

Like about half the historioblogosphere,If Google is any guide, that word is original to me. I'm not proud of this. I've been playing with LibraryThing (where I am airminded, naturally enough). Well, more than playing - I've added just about all my books (even the dodgy pseudoscience and pseudohistory ones - I'm a paid-up skeptic, I swear!) and made a first pass at tagging them too - everything from history and science fiction to Mars and Cornwall.

I've also added the blog widget to my sidebar, so that it will display an ever-changing selection of books from my collection. At my request, LibraryThing's creator Tim Spalding added the ability to show random books from a selected tag only (in this case, history). Thanks Tim!

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4 thoughts on “Doing the LibraryThing

  1. I like it! And thanks for the thanks. Keep suggestions coming.

    Since we're on the subject, I plan to popularize "contaguinity" for the degree of tag similarity between to taggers or tagged things. This is also its first Google occurence. Has a single blog entry ever had TWO Google firsts?

  2. Brett Holman

    Post author

    Has a single blog entry ever had TWO Google firsts?

    Well, I guess it will save time for some future OED researcher to have them both here!

  3. Allan Janus

    I've been using Library Thing for a couple of weeks and noticed that we have similar tastes in books. Your entry led me here, and I'll be a regular reader - great site!

  4. Brett Holman

    Post author

    Thanks Allan! I'm enjoying your site too. I can't believe I've never heard of the Sepia Baron before - I'll have to work him into my thesis somehow :D

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