J. M. Spaight. Volcano Island. London: Geoffrey Bles, 1943. Although Spaight is one of my guys, I didn't know from the title alone if it was even about aviation. Turns out that it is; here's the blurb from the front dustjacket:

IN 1939, our Island was peaceful and innocuous; now in 1943, with its volcanic battlestations of Bomber Command, it has the most terrific capacity for far-reaching destruction the world has ever known.

My copy came with a bonus: a clipping from the Daily Telegraph date 12 February 1960 about a lecture given by P. M. S. Blackett about the Tizard-Lindemann clashes before the war and other matters relating to air defence and offence: Tizard 'related that at one meeting [of the Air Council] the main business was the inspection of an exhibition of different designs of W.A.A.F. underwear.'

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One thought on “Acquisitions

  1. Gah! What's with the internet this week? I wander in from a Slate article on cannibalism ("it's okay, everybody does it") that references the Epstein case and find WAAF panties. I'm guessing that it's holiday season-related sleep deprivation lowering our inhibitions. (It retroactively affected Blackett, Lindemann and Tizard because, being physicists, they were all about the time travel.)

    Just watch the marginal comments while grading, is all I ask....

    And Bomber Harris' secret base was located inside the cone of a volcanic island? Who knew?

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