British Museum

Here are a few of the best pictures from my first trip to the British Museum, almost a week ago already. How time flies when you're stuck in the archives!


Marble statue of youth, possibly Caligula, early 1st century AD. If it is Caligula, then the horse is presumably Sir Thomas Inskip.

Huastec goddesses

Huastec goddesses, north-eastern Mexico, 900-1450 AD. I'm not overly familiar with the Huastecs, but they clearly did good work.


I don't think this was labelled. Aztec? (Update: bzzt, wrong: Mayan, from Copán.)


The rather coy Campo Iemini Venus, early 2nd century AD, Italy.


Can't remember the context for this one -- I often do take pictures of the captions (don't look at me like that, I can't be the only person who does this ...) but didn't do so this time. Obviously European and medieval. The crowns suggest a royal couple, but I wonder what's going on with the benediction, the globe and the bare feet. Maybe the male figure is Jesus? If any real historians are reading this, perhaps they could comment :)

Lewis chessmen

Some of the famous Lewis chessmen. I particularly like the over-it queen in the middle.

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