The old and the new

zeppelin and hendon

My laptop is my primary workhorse, and I've just upgraded -- a very exciting time in any computer geek's life! On the left, my old 12" 1.0 Ghz G4 Powerbook, "zeppelin"; on the right, my new 13" 2.0 GHz Core Duo MacBook, "hendon". Zeppelin has been a rock-solid little machine for me these last couple of years, but it was starting to lose pace with my needs. Switching over to hendon been a very smooth process (other than getting Instiki to work again), and it's just so nice and fast -- it's better in every way (except for the size, I prefer the smaller formfactor). It should see me through me through the rest of the PhD in style.

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3 thoughts on “The old and the new

  1. I have finally made the switch from M$ for this machine... I can run my few essential items of no-Mac software on Parallels, which was what made the difference for me (we're talking 5+ years of research data, not a minor issue). It's sweeeet.

    I just have to get used to all the different keyboard shortcuts. I don't know where anything is any more!

  2. Brett Holman

    Post author

    You've taken your first step into a larger world! It is, as you say, sweeeet.

    Hopefully you won't run into any of the reported problems (mine certainly hasn't -- yet -- but it does get very warm and it does moo quietly sometimes, both of which I can live with).

  3. Yeah, it does run quite hot, but then my old Toshiba used to get pretty warm too, *and* it blew very hot air out the side vent whenever it was asked to do anything more strenuous than run a couple of programs at the same time - not to mention the godawful racket the fan made; a bit of quiet mooing is nothing.

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