Orac at Respectful Insolence has called attention to the attempted arson attack on The Holocaust History Project, and called for other bloggers to link to the THHP home page as a show of solidarity. There's no proof as yet, but the suspicion is that Holocaust deniers are responsible.

Holocaust denial is pseudohistory, a pathological and degenerate form of history. It imitates the form of historical scholarship, but involves no critical inquiry; the conclusions reached are pre-determined, ideological and anti-Semitic. Holocaust deniers deserve scorn when they pretend to be historians. They do not in general deserve imprisonment, as has happened to David Irving in Austria recently. But they do deserve imprisonment if they use violent means to stifle the debate they cannot win, as may be the case here. The Holocaust is undeniable; there's simply too much evidence for it. Holocaust deniers need to admit that and move on. Until they do, we are lucky to have groups like THHP around, and they deserve our support.

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    A comment was left by someone I suspect was not Fern Sidman, which I have deleted. Well, it wasn't really a comment, it was an article about 5 times longer than my post, having nothing to do directly with my post, only somewhat on a related topic, was too overtly political for my site, and which I see has been comment-spammed to a bunch of other blogs. This may be the original; anyone interested can read it and comment on it over there, if they wish.

    Somewhere in the above lies the basis for a comments policy ...

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