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Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

Here's my contribution to last night's livetweet of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow for #HATMAus. It was fast, furious and not always particularly accurate -- much like the film itself...

Spoilers follow (though equally there are also a lot of tweets that don't make sense without seeing what was on the screen at the time).

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Case in point: "Zeppeling"???

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See the image at the top of the post.

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Here I might have explained by what I meant by 'REAL': the flying was real, with real pilots flying real aircraft in, often, really stupidly dangerous ways. Hell's Angels, for example, had 137 pilots in its big flying sequence.

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I mean, it's worse than that: the Mac IIci came out in 1989, so it wasn't even top of the line in 1994.

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This does make me sad, but at least Conran got his shot and took it.

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This gag runs right through to the final shot, in fact.

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For context: this was one of Totenkopf's victims asking for a mercy killing.

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For a film with so much over the top visuals, there probably needed to be more silly dialogue like this.

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This is one of my main criticisms of the film as film. Is noir pulp? Is pulp noir? Conceptually, they're close relations, but aesthetically, not always.

It's partly to do with the way the film was processed (which Joel picked up on). As Wikipedia describes it:

The distinctive look of the film was achieved by running footage through a diffusion filter and then tinting it in black and white before color was blended, balanced and added back in.

It's a clever idea but when combined with the near-total reliance on computer imagery, a lot of the time it comes across as muddy.

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Oh, look, I can spell Zeppelin correctly. As for the Bill & Ted reference, that's from here:

Bill & Ted Face The Music

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With the live-tweeting there wasn't much time to give over to the other interesting discussions that were going on, but you can get most of them here. If I had a chance to do it again, I'd prepare a few more tweets in advance. I did think to gather some links and images, but mostly forgot about them in the heat of the moment, and generally I just threw ideas and titles without really explaining what they meant. But it was a lot of fun, and thanks again to Joel Barnes and Chelsea Barnett for hosting #HATMAus and for inviting me to co-host!

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