2007 Clios

The winners of the 2007 Cliopatria Awards have been announced. These are awarded for the best history blogging in the last year. If they're not already there, I like to add the winning blogs to my sidebar and to my RSS reader, both as a very mediocre reward to the victors, and to diversify my reading. This year, that means adding four blogs: In the Middle (best group blog), Religion in American History (best new blog), Zoom (best series of posts, which have featured here before), and Steamboats are Ruining Everything (best writing). They join Cliopatria (best post, by Timothy Burke) and Civil War Memory (best individual blog), both already there.

I'm very pleased about that last one -- even though Airminded was also nominated in that category -- because Kevin's passion for his subject and for his teaching makes Civil War Memory one of my favourite blogs. I'll also note that this means that military history blogs have won best individual blog two out of three times (Blog Them Out of the Stone Age won the inaugural award). And another military history blog (Civil Warriors) won best group blog last year. The military historioblogosphere continues its irresistable advance!

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