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Your country needs you

... to send me submissions for the next Military History Carnival! This will be posted at Airminded on 14 October, one week from today. I have a few suggestions already, but need more. Any posts published in the previous month and which involve military history in some way will be considered. From the Carnival's home page:

Military is defined very broadly. It includes all levels of armed conflict — there will be no rigid definition of what is and isn’t a war — and all military experiences during peacetime. At the risk of offending latin purists, it includes navies and air forces as well as armies. Weapons, tactics, strategy, uniforms, insignia, equipment etc are all interesting and important, and so are relationships between war and society, culture, race, gender, sexuality, disability, and the non-human. Preparations for and aftermaths of wars are as significant as the wars themselves. Opposition to war needs to be considered alongside the conduct of war. Representations of war in literature, films, TV, games etc are just as valid objects of study as empirical evidence of reality (although fictional representations should be related to the real world — no fictional universes please).

About the only restriction is that here, history means "before 1 January 2001".

So please nominate posts for inclusion, either by emailing me directly at bholman at airminded dot org, or by using the form.

Image source: London Opinion, 5 September 1914 (I think -- the original magazine cover from which all imitations ultimately derive. The image itself is from World War Pictures).

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