Stephen Dorril. Blackshirt: Sir Oswald Mosley and British Fascism. London: Viking, 2006. I'm always up for books on British fascism. This one is perhaps aiming to do a Kershaw -- a sort of history of the BUF through a biography of its leader. '[I]mportant and controversial', according to the blurb.

Medical Manual of Chemical Warfare. London: HMSO, 1939. A chance find in a secondhand bookshop -- an Australian reprint of a War Office publication dated March 1939. Lots of fun details of the various gases then known, their effects and how to treat them. Includes pictures and paintings of chemical burns and blisters, if you are into that sort of thing! (Update: it would seem to be the prior edition to this.)

P. G. Wodehouse. Right Ho, Jeeves. London: Penguin, 1999 [1934]. Somewhat lighter fare than the above!

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