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While looking at Airminded's stats the other day, I noticed that my brief biography of L. E. O. Charlton has been linked to by the Wikipedia entry about him. I guess this is some sort of mark of distinction in this Internet age of ours,It probably just means that I write on such obscure topics that it's easy to get a high Google rank ... though it perhaps depends upon what you think of Wikipedia itself. Overall, I think it's a good thing, especially for what it costs to use it (ie, nothing). Of course, there are errors, but then the whole point of Wikipedia is that if you see something wrong, you can fix it yourself. Admittedly, that doesn't work so well if you aren't already an expert on the subject at hand ... so it needs the involvement of those who are experts (or reasonable facsimiles thereof). I've already fixed a minor error in the Charlton entry, but there are significant omissions (eg, it mentions his books written for children, but not those on the next war in the air!), which, if nobody else does, I'll have to get around to fixing. At some point.

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