A. C. Grayling. Among the Dead Cities: Was the Allied Bombing of Civilians in WWII a Necessity or a Crime? London: Bloomsbury, 2006. I haven't really come to grips with the moral questions surrounding my subject yet (yes, bombing civilians is bad, but then war is generally not very nice, so ...), so I'll be interested to read this. I'll have to bear in mind that he's a philosopher, not an historian, though. (There's a review of the US edition in a recent Washington Post.)

Christian Wolmar. The Subterranean Railway: How the London Underground was Built and How it Changed the City Forever. London: Atlantic Books, 2005. Or, how Londoners had the foresight to build a system of public air raid shelters, and subsidised it by running trains between them -- decades before Kitty Hawk! Brilliant.Warning: possibly misleading summary of the book's argument.

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