Andrew P. Hyde. The First Blitz: The German Air Campaign against Britain 1917-1918 . Barnsley: Leo Cooper, 2002. A bit disappointing, looks like your standard pot-boiler account (and no references to speak of). Still, it was dirt cheap.

Joseph Morris. The German Air Raids on Britain, 1914-1918. Darlington: Naval & Military Press, 1993 [1925]. Unlike the above, a classic account!

Winston G. Ramsey. The Blitz Then and Now. Volume 2. London: Battle of Britain Prints International, 1988. I have volume 1; this covers the Blitz proper, September 1940 to May 1941. Massively detailed; a geek's delight.

Barbara Stoney. Twentieth Century Maverick: The Life of Noel Pemberton Billing. East Grinstead: Bank House Books, 2004. P-B is a fascinating figure and it's surprising he hasn't had a biography (other than an auto- one, published in 1917) before now. Unfortunately it's not an academic biography, so it's light on references, but it looks thorough and there is much fascinating material here; well-illustrated too.

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