Geoffrey Best. Churchill and War. London and New York: Hambledon and London, 2005. As previously noted. There's disappointingly little on Churchill's "wilderness years" - OK, so there wasn't actually a war on then, but this was the time when the foundations of the Churchill-as-prophet-of-war legend were laid. And it's the period of his career that interests me most :)

Richard J. Evans. The Third Reich in Power, 1933-1939. London: Allen Lane, 2005. The Nazis are partly a side-interest of mine, but events in Germany obviously had a huge effect on the airpower politics of Britain, so it's stuff I need to be aware of.

M.J. Gaskin. Blitz: The Story of 29th December 1940. London: Faber and Faber, 2005. Haven't heard anything about this one, it looks like a thorough account of one of the heaviest nights of the London blitz.

Ben Shephard. A War of Nerves: Soldiers and Psychiatrists, 1914-1994. London: Pimlico, 2002. I bought this to answer Mark Grimsley's question - no, well, seriously, shell shock is a subject I've become interested in of late, which means I must buy books about it!

Passed on: my supervisor's new book, mainly because I could buy at least two or three other books for what it costs ... do academic presses not want people to buy their books or something? (Possibly not.)

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